You can rely on Phoenix Mold Removal Services to resolve your mold emergency situation in your home or business. We service the Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas such as Avondale, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Tempe, Paradise Valley, Glendale, Peoria, and Litchfield Park.

You Might Have Mold If Family Members or Co-Workers:

  • Observe clusters of small black spots sometimes mistaken as soot or dirt on your walls
  • Have developed allergic symptoms like watery eyes, sneezing, and a runny nose or nasal congestion and can’t explain why
  • Notice your allergic reactions are worse at home but you feel symptom relief when you go out?
  • There’s an unpleasant, pungent smell when entering your home
If You Find Mold:

  • Do not attempt to scrape or clean the mold by yourself
  • Take measures to limit the duration of exposure to the mold by leaving the room, house or business
  • Call (602) 832-8999 immediately
Mold Health Symptoms

  • Experience headaches while inside your home but not when outside of it
  • Feel unusually achy or fatigued without really exerting yourself
  • Have unusual allergic symptoms such as sneezing, congested, watery eyes, or a sore scratchy throat

Our Phoenix Mold Removal specialists are available 24/7 365 days a year day and night to handle jobs ranging from residential homes to schools to commercial and industrial facilities.

Mold remediation is not to be taken lightly with all the severe health hazards it poses to your family or co-workers. You can rely on our expertise and vast experience to professionally inspect, test and remove mold from your home or business. Mold removal is not complete without testing and inspecting the premises to ensure future growth problems do not re-surface. All of this is accomplished utilizing our state-of-the-art mold sampling and cleanup equipment. You can read more about why dry climates such as Phoenix experience mold problems on our Mold FAQ page

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